Delivery Information

Delivery within the city of Riyadh:

Within Riyadh within 6 hours to 48 hours of delivery, we will communicate with our customers through the mobile phone registered in the application, to send the place of receipt of the request, and the customers of Riyadh can pay the amount in three ways:

Payment upon receipt of the application.

Pay through the network.

Payment by Transfer Bank Al - Anma Mohammed Rasheed Al Rasheed Trading Est Aiban: SA4905000068201299800002

Delivery outside the city of Riyadh:

Shipping outside of Riyadh on the shipping company SMSA Express and international shipping DHL Express during the period of 24 hours to 72 hours after the transfer of the full amount,The shipping value was evaluated from kilo to 15 kilo worth 50 riyals and each kilo increased by 3 riyals , and will communicate with customers on mobile registered in the request, to send the following information:

The recipient's name:

Recipient's mobile number:

Recipient Address:

Nearest recipient branch:

Send location

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Bank Anma Mohammed Rasheed Al Rasheed Trading Est. IBAN: SA4905000068201299800002